Simple Financial Strategies for Women Wanting to Make a Change

piggyAre you allowing money, or the lack thereof, to stand in the way of meeting your desires and goals? You may want to pursue a new direction in your life and you have little or no money saved. The change requires money to get started so you automatically decide that you can’t move forward. Or you are making a good salary and the fear of not having that stable income is holding you hostage. Continue reading

The Power of Forgiveness

forgivenessHave you ever met someone who always seemed bitter? Even when they smile their eyes are hard. Or how about the person who is always complaining? They can always find something wrong in everything! How about the person who can never seem to get ahead? No matter what they try they always fail, if they try at all. It seems as if they are always the victim. Continue reading

Maneuvering the Emotional Roller Coaster

When it comes to change, your feeling can go from high to low in just a short emotional roller coasterperiod of time. I remember when God let me know that my season with the church I was attending was over. That last day, as I was leaving, I my heart was breaking. I knew that this must be what divorce felt like. But at the same time I had an overwhelming excitement that made me ask “God, what’s next? What’s in store for me?”   And it was such a beautiful day! I was sad about leaving the familiar, but excited about the new season I was entering into.  Continue reading

Great Tips for Time Management

time management

Time management is hard!  I know, I still have to make a conscious decision everyday to be sure I am using my time wisely. First thing in the morning is not bad.  I spend the first couple of hours reading my bible and in prayer.  But afterwards, when I should be working, my mind and body wants to sit in front of the television and watch I Love Lucy.
Continue reading

Shift Your Mindset for Success

mindset shiftHave you ever wondered why some people do the things they do? Why do they keep getting in debt? Why do they stay in that toxic relationship? Why do they keep talking negative about themselves? Do you ever wonder why you keep doing some of the things you do? How come I can’t save money? Why do I keep sabotaging myself? I know this is not right,  but why do I keep doing the same things over and over? It could be your mindset.  Continue reading