5 Things You Need to Know about Change and Transition

Change can be daunting or exciting.  It doesn’t matter what the change.  It can be a change in your relationships, your career, where you live or a decision to change something about yourself, for example, to lose weight.

However, it’s important to know the correct way to handle the change that has happened if you want to make an easy transition.

I often get asked “how do you handle change that happens in your life” and I wanted to help you know the best way to prepare and maneuver life’s transitions, no matter what is, by sharing these 5 tips. Continue reading

Maneuvering the Emotional Roller Coaster

When it comes to change, your feeling can go from high to low in just a short emotional roller coasterperiod of time. I remember when God let me know that my season with the church I was attending was over. That last day, as I was leaving, I my heart was breaking. I knew that this must be what divorce felt like. But at the same time I had an overwhelming excitement that made me ask “God, what’s next? What’s in store for me?”   And it was such a beautiful day! I was sad about leaving the familiar, but excited about the new season I was entering into.  Continue reading

How Guilt Complicates Life Transitions

I once worked at a job where my supervisor and I got along guiltvery well. We trusted each other,  confided in each other, and together, we made sure that the department ran well.  It was a perfect situation.  But,  I began to feel that there was more to life.  It wasn’t that the job became bad.  I knew it was time for a change, time to move into my purpose. When I thought about leaving, I would feel guilty.  My supervisor was very good to me. Continue reading

Top 3 Secrets to a Successful Career Transition

careerWhen it comes to changing careers, I have been through several.  I studied fashion merchandising in college so my first job was an assistant manager for a boutique.  Eventually, I became tired of retail hours.  So the logical move was to go into banking (banking hours).  When I had to go into the hospital, the childhood dream of being a nurse came back to me (I had some great nurses).  I decided that I would be a medical assistant to be sure nursing was what I wanted to do.  I was a back office, front office and records assistant. Continue reading

The Brilliance of Resilience


Have you ever been blindsided by something you did not expect and feel like you would not be able to go on?  You felt you were knocked down and cannot get up?  A dream that you know is not going to happen, losing a loved one, being laid off. It has happened to me! There I was, wondering how I would be able move on.  But thank God, we may bend but we don’t have to break! Continue reading

Finding Joy During Unexpected Change

joyThere is nothing like an unexpected change to throw your life into turmoil.  A job loss, illness, divorce, or death can blind side you, stop you in your tracks and make you feel as if you are drowning.  The thought of having joy during this time seem impossible, even unreasonable.  But you can have joy during these times and find that it helps you to go through the transition smoothly. Continue reading