Topic: How to Overcome Your Fears and Make Room for Success!™


Women are strong,  talented individuals who strive and desire to do more and be more both in their personal and professional lives. But to move forward they must conquer their fear and worry of the unknown. However, transition and change is often quite low on the list of what women truly enjoy experiencing, so it can sometimes remain a bit of a struggle and leave them stuck.

Are you in the midst of or facing a major change or transition in your life? Do you know you have to do something different but you are not sure how to do it? Are you feeling stuck in a decision making process? Are you feeling stressed or unmotivated? Does your conflict resolution or communication skill need improvement?

If these are your challenges, you won’t want to miss this presentation where you will discover:

    • The huge shift you must make immediately to finally experience transformation in your life (you can start to overcome the effects of fear right away)
    • The #1 way to be aware of when your thoughts are holding you back (and how to reverse this immediately)
    • 4 ways to know how fear manifests and presents itself (so you don’t waste time wondering why you always feel this way)
    • A powerful way to develop authentic confidence (so that worry becomes almost non-existent for you and affects others positively)
    • A sure way to completely eliminate the fear,  awkwardness, and discomfort around saying “no” (you may just begin to enjoy having to tell others your not available after this)

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What others are saying about Wallette:

“Risk taker for change”, “Full of wisdom”, “Professional and articulate”, “Sharing for the greater good”, “Restorer of healthy relationships”.

“Wallette spoke for my Networking Mixer and she was EXCELLENT. She discussed several ways that we can stay committed to achieving our goals. I would highly recommend her to anyone or company that is considering coaching services.  I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again.”

Latasha Smith, MBA/HRM and MAED

“I am so glad that I attended the W.I.I.N.E. event. Your presentation inspired me to boost into a new gear with both my life and my business plans.

Since then, I have revamped my goals and my plan of action towards getting them accomplished in a more timely and realistic manner. What you are doing as a “life coach” is an asset to anyone who desires to do and be better in all areas of their lives. Thanks for the extra push!”

Laronda Zachery
Platinum Real Estate / LaMontis Photography

“I had the pleasure of attending one Ms. McCall’s sessions and it was wonderful. She is truly using her gift from God to encourage and help women emotionally, physically and spiritually. May God continue to bless you.”


P. Carter
Lithonia, GA

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