Client Success

It was always difficult for me to voice my innermost fears. For the first time I felt the need to set a boundary.  I set the boundary; the response from the other person was acceptance/compliance.  I experienced a feeling of satisfaction of being in control of my situation—not the fear of being rejected.  I learned that I can set limits/boundaries without the fear of rejection; that it is necessary for me to take care of myself.  During our sessions,  I was excited to learn that I possessed certain characteristics that were pleasing to me.”   


Ms. McCall assisted me in getting back on track by outlining a feasible plan for my book and goals for obtaining my master’s degree. She structured my days and set reasonable goals for me,  administered a follow-up plan and was consistent with her follow-ups.  I have achieved proven results. All of this would not have been possible without the guidance and support of Ms. McCall. I am thankful for her endless support and monthly follow-ups.

Cheryl Daniels Johnson
President,  Arise Enterprise

“Wallette helped me know and understand who I am as a person and to know that it is never too late to pursue my dreams and goals. After my coaching sessions with Wallette I had the confidence and self assurance to pursue my dreams and goals.  I highly recommend Wallette.”

P. Vincent


“Wallette,  I would have never thought of using a life coach to assist me in starting my own business. Having you beside me kept me motivated and focused. Your resources and information helped make this process very smooth. I am looking forward to future business.  Thank you again”

C. Pierre


“The sessions themselves were a great help for me to help myself and is still,  to this day,  effective. Rather than look at the past, it’s about NOW and preparing for a blessed and productive FUTURE. I thank Ms. Wallette for not only her professionalism but her warm one-on-one personal relationship.”

Vernice M.


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