Book Review: The Treasure Granzella Ranch

The Treasure of Granzella Ranch is the story about the Granzella family, owners of an olive oil business.  The story’s main focus is on Sherre Granzella, a divorcee who is known as “The Fixer” of the family.  After the death of her father, Sherre returns home to help save the ranch from financial ruin.  As she is trying to get her life back together, help her family with the ranch and personal issues, Sherre experiences romance and the possibility of a killer in her midst. Continue reading

Book Review: Halfa Moon

Halfa Moon starts out with Margaret (Meg) Randallman reminiscing about the circumstances surrounding the childhood kidnapping of her and her younger brother, Ray, by their self-absorbed mother Norma and her boyfriend George.

Before the kidnapping, Meg’s older sister, Laura, was tragically killed and Meg feels she is to blame and carries the guilt of her death with her throughout her young life. Continue reading

Book Review: Redeeming Ruth

Redeeming Ruth is the true story of a 16 month old Ugandan baby girl named Ruth who has cerebral palsy.  Ruth comes to live with Meadow Rue Merrill, her husband and 3 children in Maine. Ruth brings an infectious joy to the household and fits perfectly into the family in spite of her illness. The Merrill family, especially Meadow, go through many trials and tribulations to adopt Ruth into their family.  Continue reading