Dealing with the Negative Emotions of Change Pt. 2

When there is an unexpected change, we normally react in one or more of the following ways: anxiety, fear, sadness and anger.  The change can be either negative or positive. In this month’s post we will focus on the emotion of anxiety.

Anxiety can sometimes be confused with worry.  The difference is worry is experienced in our thoughts and does not interfere with our daily life.  However, worry can feed into anxiety.  Anxiety is an emotion in which a person experiences an unpleasant state of inner turmoil usually accompanied by nervous behavior that may interfere with your job and social life.

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How to Survive a Divorce

There are many transitions in life a person can go through. And one of the most devastating is divorcethe change of divorce. A life was built together that had mutual hopes and dreams. Two lives that were once merged together are suddenly torn apart.  Divorce not only affects those in the marriage, but also the other members of the family (extended included).  Continue reading

Stop Being Indecisive

questtion markFor years I struggled with being indecisive. I’m not just talking about big decisions, like which car I should purchase or where I would live. I mean small decisions like whether or not I should make a call or whether or not I should leave the house! I know crazy right? But this was my world! And it is a world that keeps trying to come back! Continue reading