About Wallette

Helping women navigate change and transition fearlessly!

Certified Personal and Executive Coach, Wallette V. McCall, received her training from the Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute (CaPP)Coaching Institute and the Coaching Institute. She utilizes the cutting-edge techniques and tools provided by the research and evidence-based field of positive psychology to translate her personal experience, wisdom, and insight into innovative and results-oriented coaching and training products.

Wallette is a Biblical Specialty Counselor certified through Paracletos Institute International. She also is has a counseling certification from Christian Research and Development. Wallette was commissioned through Glory of Zion International Ministries to the work of the ministry in the marketplace as a Business of Zion.

Wallette has appeared at live events, on radio shows, written articles, and devotionals for Power to Change. She is the Production Assistant on the DestinyX Christian Talk Show. Wallette is a contributing author of the books: The Confident Woman:WE26_TheConfidentWomanTapping into Your Inner Power and Building a Business, Building a Life.
building a business

Wallette’s E zine, Breakthrough to Change, encourages and supports women through the many challenges of transition.

Wallette is a devoted Christian who grew up in Connecticut and now n39800204_30572441_448resides in Atlanta, GA. Wallette is the proud mother of one son, Durand. She enjoys reading, classic Hollywood films, ministry and spending time with her family and friends.

“The purposes in the heart of man are like deep water; but a person of understanding will draw it out.” Proverbs 20:5



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