Book Review: The Treasure Granzella Ranch

The Treasure of Granzella Ranch is the story about the Granzella family, owners of an olive oil business.  The story’s main focus is on Sherre Granzella, a divorcee who is known as “The Fixer” of the family.  After the death of her father, Sherre returns home to help save the ranch from financial ruin.  As she is trying to get her life back together, help her family with the ranch and personal issues, Sherre experiences romance and the possibility of a killer in her midst.

 This book got my attention when it opened with the genealogy of Sherre’s family, which I love.  The character of Sherre is very well written. She is a strong woman who has a vulnerable side which makes it easy to connect with her.  I even learned information about the olive oil business that I did not know before! The story fills you with anticipation regarding what will happen next in the plot line. 

The Treasure of Granzella Ranch gives the reader romance, mystery, danger, humor and hope. I really enjoyed reading this book and believe you will, too.

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About Joan Bannan:
Joan Bannan is a native Californian, who still lives in Northern California.She was born Joan Freiburghouse in Modesto. When she turned eighteen, shebecame Joan Mangini for the next twenty-four years. She changed her last nameto Bannan—her grandmother’s maiden name when her first book was published in1990. She thought her mother’s maiden name was too boring and thatFreiburghouse would not fit on book covers.

Joan is a Christian. Her faith influences her writing, but she does notconsider herself an evangelist nor does she feel called to explain her faith toher readers. However, her faith greatly influences her characters and the themeof each novel. She says, “I can’t help it. I believe the world that is notseen is the real world. I allow my characters to be aided by divineintervention that is considered coincidence in the visible world. Christianfriends call this type of coincidence, ‘a God thing.'”

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