Stress is a huge part of our modern life. As such, there is a lot of information out in the world about how to manage your stress levels using tried and true methods such as meditation, massage, exercise, deep breathing and calming vacations.

All of these methods are powerful and extremely effective. That said, there are a few other amazingly potent stress busters that often get overlooked.

Sometimes, when you are really stressed, the thought of exercising, meditating, or taking a vacation can actually become MORE stressful. In those moments, I like to turn to some of my less-common tricks.

Here are 3 quick fixes to help you manage your stress and blow off some steam, day after day.

  1. Laugh! Laughter is one of the best stress-reducers out there. Watch a few funny videos, take yourself to the movies, or go to a comedy club. There’s nothing like making up a ridiculous scenario with a bunch of strangers (or your friends) to get you laughing like a kid again.
  2. Speak Your Mind…in Love.  Often the source of our stress is undelivered communication. Stand up for yourself, share your opinions and ideas, or have that conversation that’s been weighing on you. Remember to be kind. You don’t want to create more stress in the form of conflict because you were insensitive with your words. But by all means, use your words.
  3. Let Loose. Shut your door and let loose.  Praise God with your total being, have a dance party, scream or scream loudly.  Letting loose, on purpose, will help keep you from letting loose, in the wrong way, at others by accident.

Once you’ve released a bit of pressure, you will notice your blood pressure decrease and you will feel a little lighter. Your head will clear and you can resume your day with new energy and excitement.

How will you blow off some steam today?



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