Book Review: Twintuition

Twintuition is the story of Olivia, a young woman raising a son by herself. Because she chose to keep her child, Olivia has had no financial help from the father of her son or her judgmental mother.

After the death of her mother, Olivia inherits her mother’s home in Oakland, California. In her old neighborhood, Olivia re-connects with an old crush and his mother. While Olivia is going through her mother’s personal things, finds out, form a picture, that she has a twin sister. Olivia is able to make contact with her twin sister, Vivian.  To stay out of the prying eyes of the media, Vivian needs a double while she is in the hospital.

As Olivia pretends to be Vivian, she gets to live the rich life without the responsibilities of being the head of household.  But she gets caught up in a dangerous plot against Vivian that neither were expecting.

Twintuition has mystery, humor, romance and discussion questions.  If you want a light, easy read that shows how God work’s in the background of everyday life, Twintuition is the book for you.

About Joan Bannan:
Joan Bannan is a native Californian, who still lives in Northern California. She was born Joan Freiburghouse in Modesto. When she turned eighteen, she became Joan Mangini for the next twenty-four years. She changed her last name to Bannan—her grandmother’s maiden name when her first book was published in 1990. She thought her mother’s maiden name was too boring and that Freiburghouse would not fit on book covers.

Joan is a Christian. Her faith influences her writing, but she does not consider herself an evangelist nor does she feel called to explain her faith to her readers. However, her faith greatly influences her characters and the theme of each novel. She says, “I can’t help it. I believe the world that is not seen is the real world. I allow my characters to be aided by divine intervention that is considered coincidence in the visible world. Christian friends call this type of coincidence, ‘a God thing.'”


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