Why Self-awareness Matters and How to be More Aware

Do you know why you do some of the things you do?  When are you at your best?  How do you feel at certain times of the day?  These are questions you may or may not have asked yourself.  However, these are questions that bring awareness to you.

Self-awareness is defined as “is the ability to perceive aspects of our personality, behavior, emotions, motivations, and thought process without self criticism.  And that is important because most of the time we are critical of things we do or don’t do.  But with self-awareness, we acknowledge who we are and are able to celebrate, change and better utilize our abilities.

Being aware of yourself helps you be more creative.  You will notice when you are at your best, what your strengths are, and how you creatively handle problems and make them opportunities.  It can also help you overcome internal hindrances that are externally stopping you from moving forward.  It stops self-sabotage.

Below are 2 ways being self-aware helped me stop sabotaging myself:

1) I am aware that I work better early in the day.  That is when I am more alert and at my best.  Around 4pm I get tired and my mind starts shutting down.  This is not the best time of the day for me to start a new project.  I do coach some clients in the evening.  When that is the case, I will take an afternoon nap to re-energize so I can be at my best for my evening clients.

2) I am aware that I can be forgetful and will I get distracted.  So I use a planner (and my phone).  I like the iBloom Life & Business Planner because it has a yearly, monthly, weekly calendar, to do list, pages for a vision board, scripture and much more.  This helps me stay focused and prioritize.

Here is how you can increase your self-awareness:

1)  See where you may have lack in your life.  In previous blogs, I wrote about the 6 domains of well-being (spiritual, career, social, financial, physical and community).  Become aware of why you have the lack and what needs to be changed.

2) Ask others.  It is not easy to get others perspectives on ourselves, but asking another person will show you things you may not have noticed before.  Ask them when they see you at your best and your worst.  You will be surprised about how much positive feedback you will get.  Be sure to ask someone you trust and know will give you honest feedback.

3) Pray.  Ask God to reveal you to you.  No one knows you better than He does.  Read your Bible.  It is a mirror to our souls and shows us ourselves.  Keep a journal to write down the revelation you receive.

Coaches Corner:

What are you great at?  What do others who know you well say that you are or not good at?


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