Dealing with the Negative Emotions of Change

When there is an unexpected change, we normally react in one or more of the following ways: anxiety, fear, sadness and anger.  The change can be either negative or positive. In this post we will focus on the emotion of anger.

Anger can present itself in numerous different ways, including annoyance, irritability, outrage, fury, and wrath just to name a few.  We get angry because we feel that our rights have intentionally been violated because we were treated unfairly or thwarted from reaching a goal. If you’ve been laid off, lost a loved one, or divorced, etc., anger is a normal emotion.  The anger is directed at someone or something.  Have you ever been angry because your car didn’t start?  I have and must admit that sometimes I have taken it personally!  If you are dealing with anger, here are some steps you can take:

1)  Acknowledge your anger.  Anger is an emotion that is given to us by God.  It is not wrong to be angry about the situation you find yourself in.

2)  As stated before, anger is an emotion that is given to us by God.  However, He states in His Word “Be angry, but do not sin” (Eph. 4:26).  Make sure you are not manifesting your anger in harmful ways, to yourself or to others.  Healthy ways to do this is to speak to someone about what you are feeling (a loved one, a trusted friend, coach or counselor). Use a journal to write about what you are going through and how you feel about it.

3)  Pay attention to what you are thinking.  Are your thoughts helping or hurting you?  Are they encouraging or discouraging?  No matter how bad the situation may be, it will not be like this always. Choose to think thoughts that are positive and hopeful.

4) Choose to forgive.  This helps you more than the other person.  When you forgive you let go of the heavy burden of holding something over the head of another.  As you know, when you hold your arms up too long it gets tiring and it can be painful!    

Allow yourself to go through the emotion of anger.  Be sure that you do not let the anger to keep you stuck and harm others.  Remember, tomorrow is another day.  And each new day can be a hope-filled day!


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