3 Workplace Problems and How to Overcome Them

There is nothing better than having a vocation that you love.  It gives you pride knowing that you are part of a solution to make the live of others better.  Besides, we were created to be problem solvers!  Unfortunately, with every workplace there are common problems that can make the workday more taxing and stressful. 

I will share 3 common problems that you may be facing and how you can set up boundaries to make changes that will make your workday less stressful.

1)  Doing someone else’s job. This can happen very covertly.  For example, a co-worker may ask you to help them with a small project or ask you to check their phone messages.  Before you know it, you’re doing their job and they are taking coffee breaks!  Soon, you are feeling resentful towards your co-worker.  But it is not the co-workers fault, it is yours!  You now have to set up the boundary.  Stop doing a job that is not yours.  Explain to your co-worker that you will no longer be available to them in that capacity.  They may get upset, but you have to stand firm regarding doing your own job.

2)  Difficult co-worker(s).  Is there someone who is driving you up the wall?  Does your blood pressure go up when you see this person?   Guess what?  The problem is not the other person, it is you.  You allowed the person to have emotional control over you, whether you or the person realize it or not.  Only you have control over what you are feeling.  And you can’t change the other person.  You have to refuse to allow the other person to affect you.  I had a co-worker I did not like.  Seeing her made my stomach tie up in a knot.    So I prayed “God, I do not like this woman.  And I know the problem is me.  Change me”.  Before I knew it, we were friends. Our sons were even playing together.  She did not change, I did.

3)  Negative attitudes.  We all know that if you hang around negative people the negativity can attach itself to you. Then the whole atmosphere is negative.  Negativity can sap your energy and make you see things through a negative filter.  The answer is easy.  Stay away form negative people.  If you cannot, try to maneuver the conversation away from their complaining.  If they don’t get the subtle hint, tell them that you do not want to engage in negative conversations and you would like to talk about something else.

Setting up boundaries in the workplace will make your day less stressful, give you control over your surroundings, and since work is a spiritual activity, help you even grow spiritually as a problem solver for the world!


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