How to Move Past the Fear of the Unknown

indexTerrorist attacks. Rioting. Snipers. The upcoming presidential election. What is this world coming to? And that’s just what’s going on around us. What about our personal lives? Becoming a new parent or raising an unruly teenager. A move to a new location or an unexpected layoff. A negative health diagnosis or financial issues. What does the future hold for us?

All of the above situations bring change. And with any change comes the unknown. Anytime we are faced with something that is not within our range of knowledge, experience, understanding, or anything that is strange and unfamiliar brings fear into our lives. We humans like to be in control. We like to make sure that everything is in order in our lives. One of the primary reasons is that we are concerned about our own safety and when we face the unknown we wonder how it will affect us personally and if we will be safe when these changes come about. The fear of the unknown can keep you stuck and can cripple our capacity to follow God’s leading to the days ahead.

In Matthew 6:34 Jesus says “Take therefore no thought for tomorrow, for the morrow shall take thought of the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” What Jesus is saying is that we are not to worry about tomorrow. We have our own worries for today which we are to handle, and we will let tomorrow take care of itself. We leave the future in God’s hands. The unknown does not have to be scary, especially when we leave or future to God. Can we do anything about the unknown future?  No. But God can.  He knows what our future holds. The unknown can hold wonderful surprises for each and everyone of us. When you leave the future in God’s hands, you can be like the proverbs 31 woman who has no fear for the future. You can have a healthy curiosity and see the future as an adventure. You can have hope, because no matter what happens or what it looks like now, you know you can trust God to safely get you through it.

So no matter what is happening in the world today, or whatever is going on your personal life, know that you do not have to fear the future or the unknown. You can walk bravely and fearlessly into your destiny.


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