Wellbeing: Community and Spiritual

In what ways are you connected to your community?  What lesson is God offering to you right community3now?  Answering these questions help you find out what level of wellbeing you have in your community and in your spiritual life.  Wellbeing is defined as “the condition of being contented, healthy, or successful.”    

Community wellbeing arises from a wide variety of factors, but there are three attributes that play a large role: connectedness, livability, and equity.  Your community meets your basic security needs, is a good fit for your personality, lifestyle, family, interests, and pace of life. In order for community wellbeing to grow, active involvement is necessary.  This is called “Well-doing”.  Tom Rath and Jim Harter of the Gallup Press state that “well-doing promotes deeper social interaction, enhanced meaning and purpose, and a more active lifestyle-while keeping us from being to preoccupied by ourselves.”  Well-doing protects us from stress and negative emotions.

To increase your wellbeing in your community, use positive group pressure.  Positive outcomes to goals occur more rapidly and permanently within social networks (to stop smoking, weight, write a book, etc.).  Find a community event or group that has meaning to you.  If you like birds, find a group that does bird watching.  Share your vision openly with the right people.  These are people who can encourage you to keep moving forward through the good and rough times.

Research shows “religious” Americans are physically healthier and live longer, fight depression better, are more resilient in the face of divorce, job loss, illness, death, and are more optimistic.

To increase your spiritual wellbeing, pray.  Keep an open dialogue with God.  Listen for Him to speak to you.  Read your bible and glean from it all of the treasures that are found in it.  Connect with other people of faith on a regular basis.  Scripture say “iron sharpens iron” (Proverbs 27:17), when we meet together and fellowship.  Continue to learn by doing supplemental reading from authors who are gifted in areas that you may be struggling or growing in such as finances or the prophetic.
Having wellbeing can increase our resilience to cope with life’s difficulties and be able to enjoy life as we should. Being employed and engaged in meaningful activity is an important part of living a healthy life!


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