The Power of Forgiveness

forgivenessHave you ever met someone who always seemed bitter? Even when they smile their eyes are hard. Or how about the person who is always complaining? They can always find something wrong in everything! How about the person who can never seem to get ahead? No matter what they try they always fail, if they try at all. It seems as if they are always the victim.

And have you ever wondered why they are this way?   Why are they so lonely, angry, or sad? There is a good chance that this person is dealing with unforgiveness.

There isn’t anything as poisonous as unforgiveness. Everything goes through this filter. You are stuck there mentally and emotionally. You are unable to go forward because you are focused on how you were violated. When you don’t forgive you place yourself in the prison of the past. To be free, you must forgive the person(s) who offended you.

1) Choose to forgive. When I was hurt by someone I was close to, I made the choice to forgive. I decided that instead of focusing on the offense, I would focus on the good that came out of the situation. This was not a one time decision. When the offense came in my mind, I chose to forgive again. In Matthew 18: 21, 22, Peter asked Jesus how often we should forgive someone who hurt us. Jesus’ answer was “up to seventy times seven”.

2) Do not wait on your feelings.  As I have stated before, your feelings follow what you are thinking. If your thoughts are constantly focused on the negative thing(s) the offender did, you will have anger and resentment. You will have to make the decision to forgive before the “feeling” of forgiveness comes. And that can take awhile.

3) Ask God to help.  Let’s be honest.   We cannot forgive in our own strength. God will help us to forgive. Let Him know that you don’t know if you can forgive. Forgiveness takes faith and when choose to operate in faith, allowing God to help you, each day will become easier and easier to move forward.

Forgiveness is for you. This is what makes it so powerful! When forgiveness is in action, you can move forward in your relationships, your career, in every aspect of you life. You are made free, spirit, soul, and body. So choose to forgive so you can be free to be all you were made to be and do all it is that you dream to do!


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