Helping Women in Life Transitions get from Overwhelm & Stress to Clarity & Acceptance!

Imagine having the inner strength and self-assurance to navigate the personal and professional transitions of life with grace, ease, and confidence.  Hi,  I’m Wallette McCall, founder of AnotherLevelCoaching,

☛What I Do
I help you accept that the old is no more so you are ready to embrace the new! Together we will develop important skills as we search for the new path for you to follow that will lead you to new and creative ways to live your life.

☛Who I Do It For
Women who have had an UNEXPECTED change happen in their life/career. I also help women who already have accomplished the “idea” of changing and know they HAVE to make a significant shift, RIGHT NOW, in order to live a fulfilled life.

☛Why I Do It
My Mission: To Embolden women to THRIVE in the midst of change so they can maneuver the emotional process of letting go of how things were and embracing how things might become.

We are in constant transition and my desire is to help you smoothly maneuver the change that has taken place in your life! Are you ready? So am I!





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